Mothers day

Happy mothers day to all the mothers your beautiful you have earned your day in the sun.   Its a time to treat there partners, there wives there loved ones. If they birthed you a child you give them sunday off..they made another human!! An squeezed it out of your favourite hole. So yes on... Continue Reading →

Burn out

Hey you, its been a while....   As the title suggests ive major burn out from december and christmas. I pumped alot of hours in at work arranging to double pay bills in January, so i had enough for xmas for the kids and travelling for family. I loved being with my family. My grandparents... Continue Reading →

R.i.p Stan Lee

the world has lost a creator but what a life. Stan Lee,the creator of marvel geekiness ala Spiderman,fantastic four,ironman,and many more,has passed aged 95.what a life what a legacy. Whilst the geek and pop culture world mourns, i have to think of the life he lead,the kindness he showed to everyone he met  regardless of... Continue Reading →

Sleep whats that?

So im two weeks into my new night job looking after a hotel,and iv discovered true tiredness!! The first week was a killer,i think i had 10 hours sleep all week. ( Zombie absolute zombie ) after that though something seemed to click and i encountered a new problem...i cant sleep at night on my... Continue Reading →

New beginnings

its been a busy two weeks. My son had a horrible throat infection ( that my daughter now has ). My car bust ( new car so of course ) oh and i did a little thing an left my job...for a brand new one!! Terrified!! Excited!! But proud.  I was at tsa for nearly... Continue Reading →

Iron fist season 2

Im not going to beat around the bush with this. I liked it more then season 1 Somehow though, I was still bored by iron fist. The story simple though it is, Felt like it could of been done in a few episodes ( and theyve shortened the episode tally! ). The action however Is... Continue Reading →

Comic books and zombies

So its been a busy week!!  I spent my weekend playing with my four year old,visiting the comic store, doodling ( of course... so relaxing ) and zombies..I purchased a spider man comic and its a great read! Gave me the idea for this blog, the reason i love comic books and hopefully pull people... Continue Reading →

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